Artist’s statement

M.D. Anderson


GoldenSol Studio

I began my love of clay in1975 at the age of 15. I found clay in high school with the help of a great teacher. This teacher allowed to spend hours and hours in the studio and discover that I had place with clay. Being in the clay studio at that time allowed me to escape my troubles outside the studio and immersed myself. This early immersion allowed me to become entranced with the potter’s wheel, hand building and sculpting with clay.

Over the years I have moved through the many aspects of ceramics to find my current place with my work. Always eager to try new things and new ways to accomplish something unique I feel I have found this with my current work.

These days I find eminence satisfaction in my works. I finally feel that I am expressing the things I have always wanted to say.

My “Fludiest” work expresses in the raw nature of life and the kasos held within along with the colors of the wonders of the world.

My original one of a kind Tiles, or paintings as I like to think of them, depict moments and meanings of a time and place. An attempt to make the viewer aware that there is so much more going on in life.

The Houses I create are just fun fantasy and the running of my mind at the end of the day working in the architectural studio.

The Body Empowerment Series, or body sculptures are series of work constructed and fired to show the wonders of the natural body. Just as it is, just who they are and as they are. The desire is to show that everyone just as they are is perfect and normal and beautiful.

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